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Lean Belly 3X is an all-natural supplement that promotes fat burning, which results in weight loss. This supplement contains ingredients that optimize and increase metabolism to burn stored fat. Additionally, it stops the body from storing fat, and in return, you see numbers on the weight scale go down.

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Since starting with Lean Belly 3X , I have lost weight from 225 down to 197 down to 190 and still going down……. Hope to get down to 115 or 125 pounds….. 115 was my weight in high school! I have been trying for years to lose the weight and finally I have success……I am taking a liver supplement for my liver and it is working well with Lean Belly 3X so I will be able to reach my goal within the 12 month time limit! Thanks to both supplements!!

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Jean M. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Verified Buyer

Lost weight from 225 down to 193 since using this supplement... So far I have been able to keep the weight down & going down further! Sugar A1C dropped from 8.7 to 7.9! Big improvements and no weight gains only weight losses... Have only good results & will get more... As I only started about a month ago... Hope to get better after 3 months of use

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Martha K. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Verified Buyer 

It's awesome to find a product that works and it's healthy! I love that I don't have to kill myself trying to lose weight. I tried other products that didn't work -- I'm so glad that I found beyond 40 you are going to love them too

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Vickie W. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Verified Buyer

I had such incredible fat loss without working out I was laid up with a bad knee couldn't do anything and the weight was just coming off I was dieting but I noticed the difference in the body fat and how it was changing appearance it was awesome

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Laureen T. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Verified Buyer

What is Lean Belly 3X™

Ever heard of the famous diet formula dubbed Lean Belly 3x? This belly-toning formula was developed by a company known as ‘Beyond 40’ created by Shaun and Karen Hadsell. This formula utilizes two all-natural ingredients to get rid of unwanted and stubborn belly fat.

Does this advanced belly toning formula do the trick, or is it just another overhyped weight loss supplement that delivers less-than-expected results? Read on to explore all there is to know about Lean belly 3x in this detailed review.

Lean belly 3x is a scientifically tested weight loss supplement that supports a healthy body composition. This product is sold exclusively via the Brand’s website, Beyond40.com.

This product is marketed as being a ‘10-second daily fat hack.’ According to Beyond 40, you can lose an astounding 7 pounds worth of belly fat in 7 days by taking Lean Belly 3X diet pills every day. This roughly equates to losing approximately 30 pounds per month.

What’s more, Beyond 40 claims that you can obtain a lean muscle mass with limited exercise or diet. 

Why Choose Lean Belly 3X

made in USA Lean Belly 3X
Made In The USA
Lean Belly 3X is manufactured
on US soil.
100% natural Lean Belly 3X
100% All Natural
All ingredients are pure, natural, and carefully sourced.
Fda Approved Lean Belly 3X
FDA Approved Facility
Lean Belly 3X is manufactured according to the latest standards.

How does Peak Lean Belly 3X work

According to the Lean Belly 3X plan of action, losing weight is not completely dependent on exercise and diet, thus adjusting aging metabolism has a direct hand in this regard. Considering at old age, our body’s metabolism slows down, thus, we easily gain weight. Therefore, it is typical for people to get relatively heavier than in their youth.

Even with a regular workout and eating healthy, it is still harder to stay in shape after 40. However, there are ways to deal with this issue. There are diet pills made of metabolism stimulants like caffeine or some strict exercise that increases metabolism through hard workouts. These methods can enhance calories burning process and eventually cause you to lose weight but there is no guarantee that they actually deliver results.

With that being said, the Lean Belly 3X supplement works from a different angle, using only two active ingredients: safflower oil and black pepper extract. Lean Belly 3X’s main ingredient is safflower oil. Each portion contains 1,500 mg safflower oil, plus, 5 mg black pepper extract.

Lean Belly 3X’s safflower oil contains “Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)”, a type of fatty acid that actively works in the fat-burning process. Multiple studies have confirmed consuming CLA daily can be beneficial in fat loss in various ways. For example, lipoprotein lipase, a fat-storing enzyme is found on every cell’s surface and its activity increases after the age of 40. This enzyme pushes fat molecules into cells, making it harder to lose weight. However, studies have shown that Lean Belly 3X can prevent this agent. In fact, it converts stored fat to triglycerides, which then convert into energy.

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How To Take Lean Belly 3X?

Take four gel capsules every day for the next two months. Divide those doses between morning and evening. Take two before breakfast and two before supper. Exercise for half an hour after each nutritious meal for fast results.

Lean Belly 3X Ingredients

Lean Belly 3X contains two active ingredients, although the bulk of the formula consists of Safflower seed oil and the Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) within that safflower oil.

Oddly, Beyond 40 has incorrectly labeled the formula. The ingredients label names the active ingredient as “conjugated” linoleic acid, which is not a thing. The correct name is conjugated linoleic acid.

Lean Belly 3X contains just one other active ingredient: a patented version of black pepper extract called BioPerine. We’ve seen BioPerine in a growing number of nutritional supplements. Studies show BioPerine helps your body absorb various nutrients. By adding BioPerine to the formula, Beyond 40 ensures more of the active ingredients are absorbed by your body.

Lean Belly 3X Benefits

  • Rapid weight loss, without any repercussions or side effects
  • Tones muscles and gets you in shape
  • Doesn’t affect your digestive system
  • Doesn’t cause any gastric problems
  • Regulates blood sugar
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Makes your skin better
  • Puts you on track for a healthier lifestyle
  • Helps regulate cholesterol
  • Makes you more active and productive
  • Weight loss helps with heart problems

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You work hard for every penny you earn and you deserve to know your purchase is fully protected—and it is—by our 60-Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.

Simply put, that means you can try LeanBelly 3X today, and if at any point over the next 8 weeks you feel LeanBelly 3X isn't for you, for any reason whatsoever, you can get a prompt, courteous, unconditional refund of even empty bottles by using the quick contact form on our website or emailing us at: support@beyond40.com.

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Frequently Asked Questions Lean Belly 3X

Yes! This supplement contains three ingredients that come from the highest quality source. This supplement doesn’t have any harmful chemicals or artificial ingredients. You can take this supplement as the chances of side effects are slim to none.

Usually, a product containing natural ingredients is safe to use. Unlike other products, Lean Belly 3X isn’t a marketing gimmick and doesn’t claim overnight results. Moreover, some weight loss products contain synthetic ingredients that deliver short-lived results with side effects.

Lean Belly 3X and its ingredients are thoroughly researched and safe to use. You can try out this supplement with complete peace of mind knowing this supplement improves your fat-burning capacity and strengthen your immune system.

This supplement contains natural ingredients, and all these ingredients are safe to use for weight loss. There is no synthetic substance in this supplement.

If these pills used as directed, there is no side effect which makes it great for use.

This is a legitimate product, and it is definitely worth buying if you believe your age is keeping you away from burning those extra pounds in your body. It is manufactured in the FDA-approved facility, which follows strict guidelines set by the GMP. All these things show us that this product is credible and trustworthy.

Additionally, this supplement contains numerous customer reviews. All the previous customers are saying good things, and some of the customers are happy after finally losing weight with the help of this product.

This supplement is for someone who is trying to lose weight but struggling with it. This supplement is especially for people over 40, but anyone can use it. This supplement increases metabolism and stops the body from storing fat. Additionally, this supplement improves the immune system as well.

However, Lean Belly 3X is not for everyone. This product is not for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. Additionally, this product is also not for individuals under 18 years. People having serious medical conditions should get medical clearance before starting this supplement.

Beyond 40 is the company behind the creation of this supplement. Beyond 40 has a good reputation for creating dietary supplements that solve different health problems people have after the age of 40.

Currently, Beyond 40 is offering three supplements which are: Carb Burn, Metabolic 6, and LeanBelly3X.

Beyond 40 is the health supplement company created by Shaun and Karen Hadsall. Both of them are respected personalities in the health and fitness industry. Shaun is the author and fitness expert, while Karen is the nutritionist, author, and fitness trainer.

Beyond 40 uses 7-step research and testing process to deliver supplements to their customers. All their products are manufactured in the GMP-certified facility.

You can contact them via the following methods:

Phone: 1-800-292-4270

Email: support@beyond40.com 

People can order this supplement without any worry as it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee and contains many positive reviews.

However, if you don’t get any visible difference or you are not happy with the supplement, you can return the bottle and get your money back. Make sure you return the bottle within 60 days from the purchase day to be eligible for the refund.

And you can return the bottle even after using it. Suppose if you bought three bottles and use them for 45 days but are not happy with the results, you can contact them through the email or phone number provided above and start your refund process.

You will get your money with 4-5 business days.

Lean Belly 3X contains ingredients that can boost metabolism and burn fat quickly. Here are some other steps to improve your metabolism:

Lift Weight: Lifting weight not only burns fat but also builds muscles. Your muscles will make you leaner and stronger. Your muscles keep on burning fat while you sleep.

Spicy Foods: Scientific research showed us that spicy foods contain a natural substance that increases metabolism and improves fat-burning capacity. You can make a fat-burning tonic by including lemon, cucumber, and black pepper in the water.

Drink a Lot Of Water: You can replace your sugary drinks with water. Water is calorie-free, and it keeps your body hydrated.

Move More: Your body will burn very few calories if you spend your day sitting on a couch or in front of the work desk. You should stand up and move around to keep your body moving. Doing high knee or jumping jacks can also help in increasing metabolism.

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